Izzmo's Turntable.fm Auto Awesomer

Izzmo's AutoAwesomer

This script allows you to enjoy turntable.fm music without getting paranoid about voting for every song, which you should be doing! Instead, forget the hassle and turn this on to have the songs you listen to get voted awesome automatically!

If you do not like a song, simply go back to the turntable.fm room tab and click lame, and the counter will not resume until the next song!


Get Yours Today!

Izzmo's AutoAwesome (Drag this link to your bookmarks bar).


To view the source, fork the repository, questions and anything else, please visit the Github page.

Not Working?

Try the steps below to add it to your bookmarks bar in Chrome or Firefox.

  1. Right-click on the bookmarks bar and select "Add Page" in Chrome or "New Bookmark" in Firefox.
    Add a new bookmark
  2. Name the bookmark whatever you would like (Ex.: "AutoAwesome"), and then in the URL field add this:

    javascript:(function(){$('body').append('<script src=\'http://pinnacleofdestruction.net/tt/autott_voteonly.js\'></script>');})();

    Set properties
  3. Save the new Bookmark. To activate the script, the turntable room tab must be the current tab. Once viewing the turntable room tab, click on the bookmark you just created and the image at the top of the page should appear. When you lame a song, the image below should appear.

    Lame Display